Radical Face – The Bastards

November 6, 2015 (Nettwerk)  A full length album collection of previously released Bastards EPs, including two previously unreleased tracks, “Small Hands” and “Servants and Kings”, along with notable songs like “We’re On Our Way” and “All Is Well” , in anticipation of the final installment of The Family Tree Trilogy. More than 10 years ago, Ben Cooper AKA Radical Face, started crafting the story of a fictitious, and sometimes otherworldly 19th century family, bringing those characters to life in a three-part album series based around the family he created. Throughout the writing and recording process of each album in the trilogy, there have been certain tracks that didn’t quite fit the albums. These came to be known as “The Bastards” and all have eerily beautiful and ghostly lives of their own.